Bernie Babies You Must See! 10 Adorable Pictures Inside

Photoshop done perfectly

babies for bernie poster child.jpg
Source: Facebook

JJ for bernie

james for bernie.jpg
Source: @Awolally

Feel the Bern Baby

feel the bern baby.jpg
Source: Youtube

If this doesn’t make you happy…

happiest bernie ever.jpg
Source: Facebook

That face when someone says anything bad about Bernie

babies for bernie eyebrows and glasses.jpg
Source: CBS

Free happiness for everyone

bernie is bae.jpg
Source: Bust


babies for bernie head hancho.jpg
Source: Twitter

Strawberries for Bernie

strawberries for bernie.jpg
Source: Instagram

Stuntin For Bernie

sunglasses babies for bernie.jpg
Source: Instagram

I got something to say.. Listen up

feel the bern pin suit baby.jpg
Source: Bust

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